Presentations & workshops

We’ve had the opportunity to both present and run workshops at some wonderful events. If you would like to discuss us either speaking or running a workshop, please register your interest and we will contact you. All workshops are facilitated by people with lived experience.


Exploring class, power and privilege in relation to hearing voices and the Hearing Voices Movement.

What do we mean when we talk about ‘class’ both in a historical context and current context? How
do experiences of power, powerlessness and privilege relate to the experience of hearing voices?
In this interactive workshop participants will have the opportunity to reflect on what these terms
mean to them as an individual and how power has shaped their experiences of hearing voices, using
mental health services, participating in hearing voices groups and working with people who have
unusual sensory experiences.
Aimed at: People with lived experience, carers, supporters and professionals.

Is the hearing voices approach compatible with statutory services?

Hearing voices groups are increasingly common on mental health wards and in community mental
health services in the UK, but can the hearing voices philosophy fit within statutory services?
This workshop will give an introduction to the hearing voices approach, think about the medical
paradigm of statutory services, and discuss how we can balance the priorities of statutory and
voluntary mental health services with the ethos of the hearing voices movement.
Aimed at: People with lived experience, carers, supporters, and professionals facilitating or
considering starting a hearing voices group.


Is the hearing voices approach compatible with statutory services?
The 10th Hearing Voices Congress, September 2018, The Hague

Callers’ Voices
London Regional Samaritans Conference, March 2019, Hertfordshire

Community Hearing Voices Groups
London Hearing Voices Network, June 2019, London