This is a worrying and difficult time for everyone, we are concerned for ourselves, those that we love and there is a large cloud of uncertainity about what happens next.

We know that it has been tough, and continues to be but it is important to keep ourselves psychically well, in addition to looking after our emotional and mental health too.

We’ve gathered some resources for ways we can do that. Stay safe.

Hearing Voices Network:
A page listing different ways the current crisis may impact on living with voices, visions and similar sensory experiences.

The new online peer support forum for voice hearers

National Paranoia Network:
They have set up a peer support email service. If you would like support you can email and they will respond as quickly as possible.

A detailed list of mental health information

Keeping in touch with each other when we can’t meet face to face.

There are a number of mutual aid groups and neighbourhood initiatives which have sprung up across the country.

Things you can try that could help your wellbeing.

A few suggestions for how you can stay active without leaving the house.

Other resources:

A community space for user / survivor led projects during #COVID19

Some home workout videos